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How It Works


Choose your menu items for the week and select a delivery day!


We prepare your meals with the freshest ingredients and deliver to your door


You enjoy the meals and place the cooler outside for pick-up the next week!

Dinner To Your Door

Local Delivery

HK Catering

Event Catering

All produce is organically grown

Delivery charge of $5 applies to orders within the Farmington Valley. $10 for all other orders.

 Orders placed on Mondays through Thursday will be delivered on Fridays between 2-6pm.

Orders placed on Friday through Sunday will be delivered on Tuesdays between 2-6pm.

All food is prepared the day of the scheduled delivery.

Did I tell you how good the pesto was?? Fantastic. 🙂

Nicole Ferrari Mitchell

I just wanted to say the chicken salad is the best I have ever had!!! All the different textures, flavors, come together and create the most amazing sandwich!! Thank you!



I wasn't in the mood for fish tonight but I'm so glad I had it. DAMN! It's so good!!


My husband and I met you at the Riverdale Farms farmers market last Sunday. I stopped by today a little after 11 and didn't see you. We just want you to know we LOVE your products. It's a busy night of eating out this week, but we would love to get a bunch of stuff next week. Will you be at the farmers market next Sunday? Otherwise, we'll order.


Oh my gosh - I can't stop eating this food!!! It's amazing!!! I had the chicken salad and the rice so far. and a muffin. and some chicken! I need to stop eating!!! It's really good! My daughter loved the rice and my son love the chicken. They will both love the muffins. I will definitely place more orders - probably for this weekend (Friday delivery).

Thank you so much - was great meeting you and glad I finally gave it a try!!!