Jimi Taylor is the chef and creator of Heirloom Kitchen Catering.

Inspired daily by the healing powers of food and practicing a style rooted in California-Cuisine, Jimi’s kitchen is one where purpose and pleasure come together.
After attending culinary school in New York City and followed by many years spent in professional kitchens from sea to shining sea, a path of sustainability both in cooking and living began to unfold. The delights of eating and cooking organic, local produce was immediate and helped form the foundation of what is now Heirloom Kitchen. Dietary restriction has been a part of Jimi’s life ever since gluten intolerance was recognized as a problem for his oldest son. Observing firsthand the many benefits of a gluten-free diet has transformed and motivated his approach to cooking both in his home and professionally. It is this motivation that has helped open the doors to the Heirloom Kitchen!

Life in the Kitchen

Jimi Taylor, chef and owner of Heirloom Kitchen, focuses on sustainability in all areas of his business. Read the full article.