Eat Local and Eat Well!

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Eat Local

‘Eat Local’ may be a trendy buzz word these days but it really does matter, and it always has. Heirloom Kitchen loves to be trendy!

country farm photoWednesdays and Thursdays are my usual days when I travel around the beautiful countryside of the Farmington Valley and visit the local farms that feed our community. The harvest is continuous in our region throughout October and some greens are still hanging on in November, even after Jack Frost has payed a visit.

The air we breath, the water we drink and the earth we walk upon is part of the same biosphere in which our food crops grow. Our bodies inherently know what it needs to consume for optimal energy and our immediate climate will only allow plants to grow that want to grow under its conditions. When we ‘Eat Local’ we are consuming the nutrients that are only available in our little corner of the world. We are a part of our environment and not separate from it in any way!

The moment plants are harvested their magic begins to dwindle. The longer they sit in a box or on truck or on a shelf in a store the medicinal qualities fade and eventually the food may become only a source fiber. Visiting a farm on the day the vegetables are harvested is an amazing experience that not enough cooks are able to enjoy. And knowing that YOU will be enjoying this same produce days later, truly brings a smile to my face.

Heirloom Kitchen supports local agriculture and living sustainably  because these are values we practice in our lives away from our business. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help you gain access to clean, nutritious and delicious LOCAL PRODUCE! Please let us know if we can help answer any questions you may have regarding our food supply, how to source clean food or anything else you can think of 🙂

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