Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

The food group that is most missed when one begins to live a gluten-free lifestyle is undoubtedly BREAD! After all, a food that can lay claim to the moniker ‘Staff of Life’ must be a pretty big deal. Bread on its own is definitely enjoyable, a little dry maybe but a splash of olive oil or a bowl of hummus to dip in makes things a whole lot better. The real value from bread seems to come from its utilitarian quality as the vehicle to deliver countless flavor combinations to the hungry body. PB&J, BLT, Rueben, Grilled Cheese, you get the idea…bread is important to us and finding a quality gluten-free sandwich bread is crucial!

Like all the GF breads out there, Heirloom Kitchen’s Sandwich Bread is the result of many trials and many errors. One of the great things about cooking and baking is that we can eat our mistakes! So don’t be afraid to make them….breads and mistakes, that is 🙂 There’s no substitute for getting in the kitchen and making your own food. Living a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle depends on vigilance and being an active participant in your food supply. By getting back in the kitchen and learning the skills necessary to eat well will help immensely in realizing good health! Here’s a few tips we’ve learned along the way that I hope will help with your bread baking.

  1. All purpose wheat flour has a protein content anywhere between 9%-12%. Our GF flours have little to no protein which affects the outcome of bread products. The bean flours help out here as well as hemp powder, both of which are in our bread recipe. Eggs are often used to boost the protein content as well.
  2. GF flours need to hydrate. It’s important to let your batters rest a bit so they can pull in the moisture that the recipe calls for. Quick breads, which do not use yeast as a leaver, do just fine if you make them the day before and let them sit in the fridge overnight.
  3. GF breads benefit from more structure during baking. For our Sandwich Bread we use a Pullman Loaf Pan which is a little taller and slightly more narrow than a standard loaf pan. The higher walls give the batter more structure and form to climb up as it bakes.

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