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By November 15, 2016community

A Weekend of Sharing and Learning…

I had the opportunity to spend a recent Saturday morning at The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition in W. Granby, CT, sharing my practical knowledge of preparing and using Bone Broth with the students there. It’s always a great privilege to be a guest speaker at TIOSN and I always leave with a renewed sense of optimism and excitement for the work that Joan, Alison and Nigel are doing there. But ‘work’ is clearly not the right word. They are sharing their lifelong pursuit of Traditional Knowledge and Wisdom and making it accessible to all of us!

Community is at the core of the mission and vision for The Institute.                                           We hear a lot these days about the importance of supporting our local Everything: Farmers, Growers, Artists, Shop Owners, Businesses, Economy, but we need to be an active participant in our communities first and foremost to even begin to realize the importance of our local actions. Entering the ‘classroom’ on a weekend morning at TIOSN is to have community offered to you the only way that is possible: by people who care deeply for you. It is a contagious atmosphere of learning and sharing which culminates in a great sense of empowerment. Empowerment because we are being taught life skills that we intuitively know but collectively have lost. We all have the power to live mindful, sustainable lives and to  take responsibility for our health and well being. Joan, Alison and Nigel are clearly three of the best guides to have along with us on our journey.

The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition is an amazing resource right here in our backyards of the Farmington Valley! We need not look elsewhere for an example of those committed to practicing life skills in harmony with the environment. I encourage you to contact TIOSN and take a few steps closer to finding the balance in life that we all seek.

” There are no strangers here, only friends who have yet to meet “

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